i'm not even waiting for anything, so idk why i want to kill time in the first place

tfw perfectly capable of getting up and starting every day at 8am but choosing to sleep until 4pm instead just to kill time

coming out advice????
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advice on coming out via email to your emotionally distant father who can probably wrap his head around binary trans ppl but might struggle with(/roll his eyes at) non-binary fem?? do i go with 'im a girl and thats close enough' or do i try to explain the intricacies of gender. we exchange a total of about 3 sentences via email every month or two so its gotta be brief

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Went to the small store super close from here and they have *lots* of stuff, even the whopping 3 ales (Irish, Scottish and American) and here's what I brought back.

where can I ask GNOME people about introspection?
like sometimes things methods have the same name as vfuncs but don't have wrapper flag and sometimes there's no method listed but it's on interface??

joke, mention of debt and pademic
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@kyzh (also I didn't see yt ads for years so idk what are you talking about lol)

joke, mention of debt and pademic
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where I come from we know not to listen to the trickeries of a woodland korrigan

joke, mention of debt and pademic
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@kyzh ugh this is the worst kind

wait how much does it cost???!! €3600??!!

wait Ryzen Threadripper has how many cores

@charlag newer cpus are also way more efficient. FYI Server world is measuring things in performance/watt and it only keep getting better overall.

@alatiera hm, fair enough about perf in watt, I just have a laptop one right now which is largely designed for low power consumption like other laptop hardware and I was wondering if my power consumption would go up but like you said, it's not new but it's still 14nm like Intel produces now so uuuh
I mean, nothing would offset footprint from new machine

Getting a buttload of Russian spam on XMPP. Kinda weird

@MutoShack I've seen someone complaining about it too. Because someone still uses ICQ?

Although, after my overalls came yesterday, I briefly considered turning into Mario. But I MADE the dress and bought a wig and shit so Generic Thicc Witch it is.

Generic Thicc Witch is so close. I'm so excited to dress up!

i replaced the plexiglass with a thinner pane made of polycarbonate! it's flexible, so i bent it to be convex so it fits the shell better and looks more realistic. it's also lighter than the plexiglass, so the helmet is way easier on my back now!

this video no longer reflects reality for two reasons: i have since cleaned my room, and accidentally broken my mirror

my CRT helmet is all wired up and wearable! i put a water bottle in the back as a counterweight. the visibility and one-way mirror effect are both pretty good.

still don't know what to wear with it. might just go with a boring grey outfit? i'll try at least making a necklace out of a Mini Gender Changer adapter. looking forward to impressing people with this

i found a foam setup that fits my head pretty well, but this plexiglass panel feels heavier than i was imagining. i think i'll have to add a counterweight in the back and endure some neck strain. next time i'll use something lighter, maybe thinner plexiglass or some other plastic sheet. i should still be able to wear it long enough to impress people

i've been struggling with upholstery foam for several hours, trying to make this monitor shell wearable. i think my head is too sensitive 😢

i got a mini ps/2 keyboard connected to the microcontroller! i'll scratch off or cover up the keyboard's logo before i wear it on my arm.

here's a new animation. i made a few others that are dependent on gravity / head tilt, but i'll wait to show those off until the helmet is put together.

any suggestions for what i should wear for this costume besides the monitor helmet and a mini keyboard strapped to my arm? my best idea is a hoodie with the hood down, so that it helps obscure the neck hole.

used a dremel for the first time today!

i soldered all the strips together last night! i haven't had any signal corruption since.
also, here's a new animation, a lissajous curve.