Pandemic streetwear
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It took me a LOT of stitching to make, but how cool is this mask?

This is what hailstorms can do to solar panels!

My company provides guarantees on solar power plants so we have to worry about stuff like this.

@charlag it’s just a pronunciation of “it would be nice” lol

@cpsdqs I don't get it bur I should probably be offended

@spritelyproject That said, I'd be lying if I said that comments like this didn't make me feel bad and depressed though. :P

Haters gonna hate in the comments but I've learned to not let that stop me.

When we started working on ActivityPub, the most common thing I heard was "This will never happen." Now ActivityPub is the most successful federated social network web standard of all time.

I didn't give up then, and I'm not giving up on @spritelyproject

@cwebber @spritelyproject
>Vidrun, born of the sea-wind through the spruce
>Vidrun, green-tinged offshoot of my bough, joy and burden of my life
>Vidrun, fierce and clever, may our clan’s wisdom be yours:
>Never read Hacker News

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@equals_w_equals @boobs_idiot I'm not very into nudes but this was nice

do I have to learn IPA to communicate online or what

@charlag c'v' in czech reading because of course

@piggo I'm glad I don't do some "zääwää" at least

Show some solidarity and material support for anarchist filmmakers in the global south with this small, yet practical fundraiser. Raising $400 to help a comrade in the Philippines archipelago pay for some editing equipment.

I wonder how people pronounce "CW" in their head, like I cannot be arsed to pronounce "SEE DOUBLE YOU" even in my head and I just do "see vee" kind of thing

i memed myself into liking dogs its pretty much confirmed

@waifu if you hated dogs would you hate yourself

i feel like tagging something as kpop is the best way to make sure no-one #OnHere opens the cw

like you could tag a post "cw: CBT, gross, bodily fluids, grievous injury, death" and it would probably get 50+ boosts but tag something as kpop and it's a guaranteed 0

gross, body, kpop
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*girls generation voice*

i got a boil

@boobs_idiot someone must post a nude with "kpop" cw now

@ljwrites this is a very good video, thanks for sharing!
also that ACAB joke was very funny

This guy talking about how he was taught to dehumanize people--particularly minorities, as will be clear early on--as a cop is heavy listening and tbh I didn't make it to the end. But I think these kinds of conversations are important, for those who are/were part of these institutions to be open about their guilt and trauma, and for esp white people in the Western context to know how institutional racism & police brutality work. #ACAB because you either become one or leave.

Important personal update: I tossed a peanut to a crow in a high arc and that crow leapt up, took flight and caught the peanut *in the air*.

Please stay tuned for any further developments of this exciting story.

i need a windows pc to do testing with because dualboot

can i boot my windows partition in a vm

I switched from super dense mask in the beginning to a two-layered simpler one later to a single-layer simplest one now. When it's actually stretched it's super comfy, more than medical ones which start to stink after a few hours.

love that i'm starting to have dreams about accidentally forgetting to put on a mask in a public space and then i get on a train and half the people actually don't wear any and just don't care 💕

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anyone else feeling utterly spent and exhausted of living or is it just me

programming nerding
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read about KMM and while it's nothing new compared to other multiplatform stuff they already had, it's still very exciting

programming nerding
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Even after I've updated Kotlin to 1.4.0 and then to 1.4.10 my branch with Native did not compile. But now I've managed to come up with a workaround and all this huge pile of stuff with multiplatform, code generation, C binding to OpenSSL and wrapping of OpenSSL actually works again! Woo-hoo!

You have entered the public transit meme zone. Please present one meme to ride the train.

gnu nerds rant
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Even other toxic bigots like Daniel Colascione get tired of fighting for the privilege of replacing 40y old hacks with something reasonable, like literally fighting for months because Eli doesn't feel valued enough. And you are surprised that no one wants to deal with you.

gnu nerds rant
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oh Eli Zaretskii is unhappy that people don't submit things to upstream Emacs? Why would it be? Maybe because you are bunch of antiquated toxic nerds with Stallman's word being final blow to any rational proposal?

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@charlag I'm fine, just under some pressure because the production env has had a couple of serious performance issues the past few weeks.

gender neutral greeting you can use for your friends:

"hey you little piss baby,"

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one of those days when you just want to quit but you can't because you're the sole source of income for the fam.

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@dthompson uh, sorry about it 😶 hope you guys are doing fine